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The cost of the professional session is about $50 to $150 an hour as opposed to the cost of a home unit ranging from $30 to $70. Some of these units come with pads to apply the electric current instead of the metal rods. Steer clear of these products as they are not likely to deliver the results promised.As in anything we expect good results from, it is best to do research ahead of time in order to achieve the best possible outcome in permanent hair removal at home. In doing so, you should be able to decide which method is best suited for you by looking at whether you are a good candidate for each method and whether the cost or investment of time is acceptable to you. 激光脫毛 脫毛 永久脫毛 A very important consideration when you are seeking a long term hair removal method is that you should be aware that hair growth comes in cycles.On the other hand, it's by far the cheapest option you have for large-scale hair removal. The other cheap option is tweezers, but it has to be a small area, like eyebrows. Guys, can you imagine the time it would take to tweeze your beard? No thanks!The prices for a single laser session range from $100-200 and the laser requires less sessions than electrolysis. Over the past few years, companies have developed cooling techniques for the laser which make it virtually painless. The laser is also a great method for women with darker skin who often can't use other permanent methods of hair removal.This technique is a bit newer so there is not as much scientific data available as there is for electrolysis. However, results suggest that this method is quite effective and is a viable option for people interested in getting rid of body or facial hair. Just to finish these options off, they are anything but "permanent." You might be able to go a few days without shaving again and a bit longer after using tweezers, but you'll find yourself in front of the mirror again before you know it.